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March 27, 2014 4:38 pm

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‘Storyteller’ is available to download for FREE from the Windows App Store.

In December Tech Spark in collaboration with Microsoft held an event known as the  “Hackathon” in which all donations were forwarded to the L-Istrina charity campaign.

The event was created as a worldwide initiative to increase interest in the development of applications available on the Microsoft App store to anybody with Windows 8 or newer installed on their machine.

Three developers at ICON created an application called Storyteller. The purpose of this application as explained by Edward D’Amato Senior Developer at ICON is to present Facebook and Windows users a different perspective about their information’

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Storyteller has now been live for a few weeks and has had a really positive response.

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Split into four sections the “My Lifestyle” tab reveals information about how much and what kind of information you generally interact with. The first section labelled ‘My contribution to humanity” simply displays a chart showing the kind of content you like to share online. Whether such are status updates comments links videos photos or likes.

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“My social affections” picks up on the buzz or keywords that you interact with the most on social media.  Storyteller prioritises what you discuss and displays this by the size of the font on the screen. The more you talk about a specific subject the larger it will appear. Everyone’s social affections are always very different and can be difficult (and fun) to predict.

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Storyteller is very good at analysing what you are interested in and what you like to share through social media. The “What Am I” section detects all this information about your habits and groups you into a certain stereotype. Has Storyteller got it right about you?

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“Your memes” is a great way of seeing your friend’s statuses in a different way. A meme is an image video or piece of text typically humorous in nature that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users. Storyteller gives you a template of various images that have been used as memes in the past and are well known. It randomly selects status updates from your friends and applies an appropriate image to it.

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ICON are now adding some additional features that just need a little bit of fine tuning. These new features will be unlocked as soon as they are ready. My Friends and Family” will be an area where you will be able to view your own behavior and how you interact with others. “My Mentality State” will  help you compare your Facebook profile with Facebook users around the globe and “It’s About Time” will help conclude your storyteller experience by building an interactive timeline of all the major events in your online social life.

Storyteller is live right now, it is completely free of charge to download and is a unique and entertaining way to view your presence and past activity on social media. To download it all you need to have is a computer running Windows 8 or higher.

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