Sunstone Water Group launches clean cut website

October 11, 2012 10:56 am

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Sunstone Water Group has launched a new website embracing the company’s vision.
Sunstone Water Group a multi-international company with offices in the United States and Malta has launched a new website encompassing the brand’s vision of innovation and creativity. Developed by ICON the site embraces a minimalist approach with bright colours giving it a clean and fresh look.
Embracing the concept of renewable energy Sunstone Water Group is involved in the innovation of clean water process water water recycling and power applications with the main aim of supporting the health of the defence and aid personnel civilian support and local communities such as villages and towns through the use of the latest technology. Its main business relies with B2B business entities.
The new site has a fresh and clean look

The new website which offers quick and easy access to essential information about Sunstone Water Group boasts a modern and colourful design that accentuates the concept of a purifying water system and environmentally friendly solutions.

In addition to the informative aspect of the site visitors also have the opportunity to chat online by using the ‘Live Chat’ option which further enhances communication bringing the company closer to its clients.

To boost the company’s online presence Sunstone Water Group has also included social media widgets to the site so as to reach other professionals online whilst increasing its client portfolio. These include LinkedIn Facebook Twitter and a YouTube channel. Users also have access to downloadable brochures the latest developments as well as a support system.

The contact page also contains an interactive map highlighting the company’s offices

“The new site brings together our company’s vision brand and projects in the way we see our business” explains President and CPO Jack Hansen. “ICON has implemented our vision into a colourful website keeping it clean and fresh giving visitors a clear vision of what the company does.”

The new Sunstone Water Group website can be accessed by visiting