5 tips for an Effective eCommerce Site

August 2, 2012 10:02 am

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The unique aspects of e-commerce sites has made online shopping possible. Customers not only appreciate the convenience of online shopping but if a site is burdensome then customers will leave.  ECommerce offers the option of making customers’ lives much easier and the option of ordering anytime anywhere with only a few clicks.


Here are our tips for how to make your eCommerce site successful:

  • Make it clear why people should purchase from you. Make sure you demonstrate why buying from your website is valuable. If you’re offering low prices, fast delivery and a wider selection of products make sure you highlight it.
  • Make your site accessible and user-friendly. Websites should provide multiple ways to navigate through the site because customers look for items in a variety of ways. Some clients will only have a vague idea of what they’re looking for so facilitating the process by adding more options will help the shopping process.
  • Convenience. Provide clean product detail pages that offer thorough descriptions with product comparisons. In doing so your clients will be able to make educated decisions about what products they require.
  • Advanced features. Add options such as gift vouchers gift wrapping personalised notes and the option of sending items to multiple destinations.
  • Be transparent. Customers want to know exactly what to expect from when they start shopping to completing the transaction without any surprises. Clients usually have concerns regarding any additional charges and returns.

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