8 tips to Improve Banner Advertising

March 29, 2012 11:15 am

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Considered as a relatively low-investment marketing tool, banner advertising is still attracting clicks. Without knowing the most accurate marketing techniques your online presence could suffer. Online advertising generates traffic but most importantly creates brand awareness.  Discover our top tips to improve banner advertising.

Banner advertising

  • Assess your competition. Before you set up an advertising campaign make sure you go through your competitor’s websites to see what is making them successful and what looks good.
  • Generate your advert in a way that it speaks to your target audience. Use the best words that will address potential clients’ problems whilst also providing them with a solution at the same time.
  • Create an advert that stands out from the crowd. With many adverts on the web your banner must be catchy yet professional and straight to the point. A memorable advert will stick and generate clicks.
  • Relevance. It is crucial that the banner fits in with the content of the website. The more relevant it is the more clicks this will generate.
  • Importance of the word “Free” if applicable. It has been proven that people in general are drawn to the word “free”. Using the word “free” in banner advertising poses a strong lead on gaining your audience’s attention and interest.
  • Split test your adverts. Rotate a series of adverts that will in turn generate new interest from your audience as well as helping you discover which one increases most traffic.
  • Call-to-actions. Apply words such as “Book Now” to get your potential customers to respond.
  • Get people’s attention. Use words that are tempting and will generate more awareness.

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