Tips to increase blog visibility with social sharing

June 21, 2012 1:43 pm

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Having a blog takes time and dedication, but unless your blog is visible all your hard work could prove pointless. Social sharing is thus very critical in making sure that your blog is actually being read.  Discover our tips to increase blog visibility.


Here are our 7 top tips to increase blog visibility:

  • Identify popular posts and keywords. Look at your statistics on Google Analytics to analyse the content and keywords that are generating most traffic. Then start replicating the success for those that aren’t getting shared.
  • Track your Trends. Discover what is on your readers’ mind and how you can produce content based on conversations generated online. Google Insights and Hashtags are good tools for learning more about your readers.
  • Sharing. Commit to blogging ideas that will promote virality and only create posts of value.
  • Use your headlines well. Put a lot of thought into your headlines and optimize them for a bigger share value. Make sure the headlines are useful unique and create a sense of urgency.
  • Test the waters. Ever heard of Pinterest? It can generate traffic to websites. It’s more known for its visual content but it can be used as another promotional tool.
  • Optimise. Make sure you feature images optimize the page title and add a meta description. They are key tools to optimize the technical aspects of your blog.
  • Giveaway. If you give away a prize chances are your blog will go viral. It will increase the number of shares. Make sure you include a call-to-action to subscribe to future posts.

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