4 Tools our remote team uses to stay connected and productive

May 22, 2020 12:45 pm

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Due to COVID-19, We’ve had to replace the  benefits of a traditional office with online apps. Here are some of our favourites which we use on a daily basis.

Communication used to be the biggest challenge for remote workers back in the day  when only conference phone calls and email were the norm. Today, however, It has never been more possible to embrace remote working. The key to this is finding just the right tools!

When your team members are living on opposite sides of the island, in different countries, or even different time zones, online apps and tools are essential in maintaining team productivity, success and culture.

Here are the top 4 tools which ICONites find the most useful.

1. Discord

Keeping everyone connected

Team chat app is vital, especially whilst working remotely. ICONites use Discord to brainstorm, ask each other questions, fire files back and forth, compare ideas, and much more.

As we all miss the office banter, Discord serves as our virtual water cooler these days. It gives the team a platform to talk about anything – work related or not, and even let off some steam.

2. Zoom

The next best thing to an in-person meeting

This one’s a no brainer. We find Zoom to be pretty stable and pain-free to use.

We use it, for our daily meetings, customer presentations, or even calls that pop up throughout the day.

3. Jira

Staying on top of things

While being away from the office, managing team’s productivity can get slightly more complicated. Out of the several tools we have tried, Jira is definitely our favourite.

Jira is where ICONites plan and log their weekly and upcoming to-do lists, as well as long term goals. This is where we track our efforts and brainstorm new ideas. Nevertheless, these to-do’s are not meant to be immediately actioned, rather updated when progress is made.

4. Confluence

Keeping content and documents in one place

With social media, blogs, website and thousands of emails going out every year, we have a lot to keep track of. We use Confluence as a repository of all our content. We love it because it is easy to organise and manage. Most importantly, it ensures that our mission-critical files do not get lost.

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