Turning surveys into a success

May 31, 2012 10:25 am

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Surveys are one of the most popular forms of qualitative research methods
Surveys have been around for years and have provided us with quantitative information about the sampling of individuals from a population. They are still popular to date since they filter parts of the data to provide us with specific information about the particular research we are carrying out. Qualitative research such as surveys help us gain insight into attitudes and behaviours of people. They also aid us into structuring business decisions communication and policy formation.
Like everything else it takes practice to master the art of successfully reaching the desired results from the surveying process. Here are our top tips to carry out surveys satisfactorily:-
  • Simplify. Make sure your survey is short and straight to the point as possible in an easy language without the need for thoughtful responses. Having shorter pages will keep the respondents engaged and focused.
  • Brand your survey. Adding your logo font or colours will further boost your brand recognition and gains extra trust. It also exposes the respondent to the brand without the need of marketing or expensive advertising. Following the completion of the survey we recommend redirecting your respondents to the company webpage.
  • Add a sense of urgency. Remember that your respondents might not see your survey as important as you do so it’s crucial that you keep your questions short. Some respondents might choose to skip a question in your survey for many reasons or they might not want to share their opinion on a specific question. Some queries have to be compulsory whilst others shouldn’t. Making every question compulsory could discourage respondents from proceeding further.
  • Sort your results. Apply filters to learn more about particular parts of your data such as a specific group of respondents who have replied in a certain way.
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