Using Pinterest for Business Promotion

May 17, 2012 10:47 am

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2012 is set to be the year of Pinterest

Considered to be one of the top five best social media sites of 2011 by Time magazine Pinterest has taken the social media world by storm. Whether to tweet or pinboard users will ultimately be looking for a way to express themselves. Having the user’s interests exposed for advertisers to see can help businesses to further develop new innovative ways to entice users through the use of advertising.

Here are 8 sure ways to attract people and improve your click-through-rate to your Pinterest account:-

  • Follow others
    Like any other social channel Pinterest requires quality investment by building relationships with those who post quality worthy pins. Once they learn about your business they are more likely to post something about your products.
  • Simplify
    Create boards that look clean and stylish and link each pinned photo back to your website.
  • Connect with your online presence
    Set up Pinterest buttons on your company website and vice versa. If you have a store promote online ads and Pinterest promotions.
  • Match
    If your company sells clothes make sure that your pins are related to clothes. This is obvious but Pinterest caters to those looking for specific items.
  • Use other social networks
    Current social networks have a vast number of users so it is important that you promote your Pinterest account on other channels to maximise exposure.
  • Theme your pin
    Come up with a catchy slogan that is tied to your company by promoting it as a daily pin. If you are selling t-shirts set up a best seller. This usually attracts leads and most people will actually re-pin.
  • Promote more than your products
    Post interesting content tips and products from other companies as well to go hand-in-hand with your products. Self-serving pinners are easily spotted and could deter followers.
  • Curate
    Define your brand by using key phrases to promote your products. It is also important to find unique products that go beyond your offering and pinning them.
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