What are people doing on their smartphones?

September 22, 2011 1:46 pm

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Social networking activities dominate smartphone usage

<p”>Smartphone users check status updates mostly

About seven in 10 (69%) US smartphone and tablet users check social network status updates on their mobile device making it the most popular mobile social networking activity according to Prosper Mobile Insights. Viewing photos closely follows in popularity (66%).

Other mobile social networking activities include updating status (53%) and sending emails (51%) while 49% post photos taken on their smartphone/tablet. Only 26.5% go to retailer pages to find deals while shopping and 15% don’t access social media sites on their mobile device.


PC is the preferred web device

Even among smartphone and tablet users a desktop or laptop computer is the most popular means of web access by a sizable margin. About 64% of mobile users prefer a desktop/laptop for accessing the internet.

In contrast about 29% prefer using a smartphone and only 8% prefer a tablet.

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