Why do consumers buy online?

August 3, 2011 2:57 pm

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A recent study has showed that the majority of consumers (73%) prefer online shopping because they save time. Data from Invesp shows how time is the key factor that drives people to buy online, followed by more variety (67%), ease of comparing prices (59%) and finding no crowds (58%). Keep on reading to find out more key findings generated by this study.
Online shopping is set to continue growing stronger and stronger as each day passes. Businesses of all sorts have understood this market trend and are, thus, starting to take advantage of it, as it should be. As a result, retailers are now expanding product variety, providing offers on shipping as well as experimenting with social media. All these efforts come as a result of the fact that retailers are seeking to give customers a pleasant experience online as to maintain brand loyalty. Undoubtedly, this rise and fascination with online shopping has affected most bricks and mortar shops in a bad manner.
55% of respondents choose to buy online because prices are less, 40% do so as they spend less on gas and 30% also prefer to do so because of less taxes.
Why do consumers buy online?
Source: ‘How big is E-commerce‘ by Invesp

In a separate global research by the Nielsen Company respondents identified items they intend to buy in the near future. Books top the list at 44% followed by clothes at 36%.

Other top planned near-term online purchases include airline tickets (32%), electronic equipment (27%) and hotel reservations (26%).


Why do consumers buy online?
Source: ‘Global E-commerce‘ by My Coupon Codes


Now that the online shopping trend has set in and does not seem to be fading any time soon, this is the right time to build an e-commerce platform for your business too. When operating in this fast-changing environment, keeping up with the latest trends and adapting accordingly are two indispensable steps towards success.

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