Win a Digital Audit worth € 3,000

February 20, 2017 4:49 pm

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Take a few minutes to fill in our Survey and gain an opportunity to win a Digital Audit worth €3,000 for your company.

ICON is carrying out a market research initiative in order to gain a better understanding of local businesses’ requirements for digital marketing services. Spend 2-3 minutes filling it in and get a chance to win a Digital Audit worth €3,000.

The winner will be chosen randomly. Learn more about the Terms & conditions which apply.

A Digital Audit will support you in understanding the effectiveness and performance of your current digital initiatives and measure your brand’s presence across a variety of channels and against your key competitors. A digital audit would enable you to gain insights on how to better optimize existing content, on how to drive leads and on how to identify opportunities which will ultimately allow you to stay ahead of competition.

ICON’s digital audits measure your brand’s presence and performance across 7 areas:

  • Reach–  ICON will measure how well you’re ranking organically for specific keywords across multiple search engines.
  • Footprint– ICON will analyse all the information about your company that is openly available on the internet.
  • Architecture– ICON will study the architecture of your website to test load times, link integrity, navigation and much more.
  • Content-ICON will examine your content to determine whether you’re providing the right content to the right audience.
  • Conversion– ICON will analyse your current conversion funnel to see if this is in line with your company’s objectives.
  • Effectiveness– ICON will compare your objectives to the effectiveness they have achieved in the past and offer advice on changes you can implement to optimise them
  • Goal Alignment -ICON will study the existing goals within your organisation and compare these to other companies within your industry.


Let ICON help you enhance your business’ digital performance today! Take the survey below:

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