Express LogiGroup launch a new site

Express Logigroup approached ICON through John Wilson Independent Studios to help develop its website and create an online portal for the company.

Together with John Wilson Independent StudiosICON created a website which allows Express Logigroup to showcase its product and service range to potential buyers. Building a site for the transport industry necessitates a functional and pragmatic approach. As a result, ICON has delivered a project rife with useful resources social media channels and stunning images that facilitate access of Express LogiGroup services right from the homepage.

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“We launched our new site at an event held on Friday 5th July 2013. At 22:00 we unveiled the curtain and we went live with our brand new website. We are here to add value to the supply chain of our customers and to those who are thinking of using our services. We do not just deliver goods from A to B but we do ensure that we execute our services in an uninterrupted chain of events which ensures timely cost effective and above all secure service. It has been a pleasure working with ICON & John Wilson Independent Studios as they have surpassed our expectations.” – 
Jonathan Vella CEO Express Logigroup.

Integrated into ICON.snap Content Management. System Express Logigroup have a full access to web administration, news updates, SEO and add or remove pages or content as they wish without any prior knowledge of coding or web-page management.

In the day and age where everything is transforming into digital, having a user-friendly website, that is easy to use, is an indispensable part of a successful business. If you are interested in starting a new website from scratch or simply revamping your already-existing website, contact us today for further information.

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