You’re In Good Hands. ICON is ISO 9001 Certified


Benefit from only the highest quality standards.

“We are thrilled to receive this certification from global industry leader: Intertek. Quality has been a central theme through ICON’s development and our efforts in this field have now been recognized by one of the world’s largest ISO 9001 registrars that has brought confidence and assurance to thousands of organisations”  said Dr. Gege Gatt, Director of ICON.

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ISO 9001 is internationally recognized as a standard for the development of Quality Management Systems (QMS). Over 1.1 million certificates have been officially issued to various organisation in over 178 countries. A large part of the receiving organisations have moved on to become global players shaping the technology sector.

ISO 9001 provides both a system and a set of principles that guarantee a fact-based approach to the administration of an organisation while reliability fulfilling clients and stakeholders’ expectations. In basic terms, it provides procedures to deliver effective products and services, time after time. This helps in achieving consistent results while continually improving output. Thus, great services change from occasional outputs to repeated realities.

While the benefits implementing ISO 9001 are numerous, customer satisfaction is a critical area of focus. It ensures all clients are receiving products and services that consistently meet their expectations. As a result, it has improved stakeholder relationships whilst further improving the perception of ICON with staff, customers and suppliers.

ISO 9001 Certification also works hand in hand with legal compliance, allowing for a deeper understanding of how statutory and regulatory requirements affect the organisation and its clients.

Risk Management has also improved within ICON since becoming ISO 9001 Certified.  There is now greater consistency and traceability within the company, of all services rendered, and this allows for any potential issues or problems to be rectified quickly or even avoided completely. More so there is a fundamental recognition that business success can be obtained by significantly mitigating and avoiding risk through a structured risk management system. Thus ISO 9001 provides methods to identify and address risks hence improving service output and customer satisfaction.

Naturally a significant advantage derived from ISO 9001 certification is that ICON can benefit from further proven business credentials. Receiving independent verification against a globally recognized industry standard speaks volumes and helps ICON differentiate itself from the competition.

This also allows ICON to apply for local and international business which it would have not been previously considered for. Procurement specifications often require certification, so being ISO 9001 Certified continues to open doors globally for the company.

To achieve the ISO 9001 certification ICON was subject to mandatory visits from Intertek in which it had to prove that its Quality Management System was in full operation, has been operating for a minimum period of time and has been subject to a full cycle of internal audits. Certification to ISO 9001 is then maintained through a program of annual surveillance audits and three yearly re-certification audit.

Commenting on ICON’s ISO certification, Dr. Gege Gatt, stated:

“This sends a powerful message to our customers – ICON is a dynamic partner that delivers quality and value in software development and digital marketing projects. 

The standard we achieved is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and involvement of top management, a process-driven approach and structures which lead to continual improvement of our services.” 

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