Mobile Marketing course


EIE in collaboration with ICON is launching a Digital Marketing Training course entitled Mobile Marketing as a New Channel to be held on Wednesday September 12th at EIE.

Mobile marketing

The course is being aimed towards educating business and digital media executives about the new social media phenomenon that has been causing waves across various marketing and advertising platforms. This is the right time for businesses to start adapting their marketing efforts in accordance with all the advances in technology taking place at the moment. Forming part of a number of workshops, the course will be discussing every facet of push messaging including how some of the world’s largest brands are using this modern technology for user engagement and retention.

Led by ICON Director Dr Gege Gatt, the course will be drawing attention to key topics such as using relationship-driven push messaging to increase engagement, conversion and ultimately, retention. The course is aimed at professionals from various business sectors especially those based in the business marketing and advertising sectors. Business executives who are involved in the marketing business will find this workshop highly beneficial since mobile marketing is gaining momentum and is certainly the new marketing platform to watch out for. As mobile devices become more and more sought-after so much so they are set to replace desktop, social media also continues to grow in popularity as each day passes.

Mobile marketing has taken 2012 by storm and has given marketers an important yet powerful tool to engage with their clients easily and more effectively. Since smart phone usage is constantly on the increase, tapping into mobile marketing can help marketers learn more about their consumers’ behavior or to tweak communications accordingly.

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