Custom Software Development

Leverage cutting edge software development and processes to get your innovative ideas to market faster than you thought possible!

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  • Do you have an innovative product that you need to take to market as soon as possible?
  • Are outdated technology and processes hampering down your go-to-market strategy?
  • Would your business benefit from transforming your customers’ experience?

Agility is Key

Emerging technologies and shifting economic realities have all influenced consumer behaviour and the market in general. These shifts are happening faster and faster.

Business leaders are now questioning long drawn-out, cumbersome technological processes of the past. Apart from the attendant budget overruns and management headaches, the value of a custom software development product is often lost before it’s launched either because the opportunity has changed, or competitors have reacted faster.

The ability to adapt is critical. Whether this involves pushing out a product to serve the particular needs of a new generation or adjusting a current offering based on changing consumer habits.

Output is the most important thing when measuring success of any project. My advice to anyone thinking of undertaking a digital transformation project would be to find a partner who works closely with you from the beginning to get the best solution out to the market. We found this in ICON.


CIO & Business Development Officer at RCI

In order to succeed, leaders must set a compelling vision and deliver an engaging product experience that solves real-time customer pain points.


An efficient, successful, and low-risk digital solution

  1. Let’s talk business
  2. Plan realistically
  3. Get the experts on-board
  4. Deliver incrementally

Here at ICON we do things differently. Rather than carrying out long IT processes that aim for a big-bang approach, ICON believes in short, rapid-release initiatives that allow business owners to deploy, test the market, and pivot accordingly. An organisation with that energetic approach can handle upheaval better and capitalise on market opportunities before others.

We are used to deploying multi-disciplinary teams to work on quick turnaround projects with high business value. Our service is agile and efficient. It aims to speed up innovation performance, work strategically and deliver results in a short period of time, helping you to get to market quickly and efficiently.

A Bespoke Insurance Management Solution

Choosing the right direction

Making the right choice for your business is often difficult due to time restrictions, skills and budget constraints. ICON’s IT consultancy will help you assess the best option for your needs, whether It’s:

• a fully custom-built software solution according to your specific requirements

• leveraging off-the-shelf technologies

• or a hybrid integration of both

The Product Development Process

Proof of concept

Although nearly everyone who comes up with an idea is convinced it will work, creating a proof of concept to test it will ensure you arrive at the best solution and will save you time and money in the process.

It will also come in handy when pitching to other stakeholders. Whether you’re adding new features onto an existing software, embarking or a fully-fledged digital transformation or building something from scratch, ICON will carry out a proof of concept for your business idea to ensure you take the fastest, most direct route to success.

Proof of Concept | Custom Software Development | ICON


Near-shoring gives you more control and influence over the project. ICON being uniquely positioned in Malta with its long-standing European-wide experience guarantees you seamless and efficient communication during the same working hours, and perfect understanding of the local market and culture.

Utilizing companies close to your proximity is also cost-effective and provides advantages in both the initial cost standpoint and in its risk-averseness. In fact, a Deloitte survey revealed that in the IT sector, 87% of businesses outsource for cost-cutting.

Near Shoring | Custom Software Development | ICON

Enterprise Software Application Development

Like most organisations, your software tools are a crucial part of your success.

Even the slightest improvement, like shaving 2 seconds from each customer interaction, can have a mammoth impact on your bottom line. At their best, your custom software development solutions can drive customer engagement, increase employee satisfaction and motivation, save money, and boost revenue. At their worst, they frustrate customers and employees alike, draining your focus away from what really matters.

Enterprise Software Application | Custom Software Development | ICON

Solutions Integration

Integrating your systems and applications, both SaaS and on-premises, can turn out to be a mammoth task for any organization.

ICON can help you to seamlessly integrate applications and data by leveraging an extensive library of pre-built adapters to connect with virtually any application, service, or database.

Solutions Integration | Custom Software Development | ICON

Application UI & UX Design

Catching and retaining people’s attention has become increasingly difficult.

ICON believes that a seamless user interface/user experience (UI/UX) design strategy is crucial for businesses to stay ahead of their competition. It maximizes your opportunity to convert visitors into users, and ultimately into buyers and advocates. A well-developed UI/UX experience can significantly increase customer satisfaction when interacting with your digital platform and applications. This further translates into higher conversion rates, repeat business and greater revenue.

Application UI UX Design | Custom Software Development | ICON

Managed Services

ICON helps to manage business critical applications, with millions of users worldwide.

We’ll Identify the perfect bespoke package for your business and ensures that your system suits your specific and unique needs.

Managed Services | Custom Software Development | ICON