Content Writing

When content is used correctly it can become a strategic marketing approach focused on producing and disseminating valuable, relevant, timely and consistent information. It can attract and retain a clearly-defined audience ultimately leading to profitable customer action.

Blog Posts

Keep your blog active and full of fresh content. Publish quality blog posts that get shared time and time again on social media. Become recognised as a thought leader within your sector and create high-quality search traffic by consistently producing and uploading engaging content to your blog. Automate your content calendar, establish your brand’s voice and expand your online footprint. Use fresh content to fuel your social media strategy and achieve thought leader status by building your customers’ trust.


Product and Service Descriptions

Create interesting new product and service descriptions or choose to have current ones re-written to avoid duplicate content penalties from Google. To encourage users to complete purchases, you need descriptions that stand out from the rest and emotionally engage with your customers. Our qualified content writers can place the spotlight on your products and services highlighting key features, benefits and values.


Social Media Posts

A steady stream of social media updates is essential to keeping your fan base engaged. Build loyal fans and drive your community forward. Engage your audience and build relationships for your brand that last with content that is written specifically for you.



Optimise your pages for search engines and increase your click-through rates. Populate your website with quality, unique meta titles and descriptions. Increase search engine traffic and improve your rankings with ICON’s high-quality SEO writers. Writing proper metadata for all the pages of your website can be an intimidating challenge. Each instance must be written in a specific way to perform correctly, add volume considerations on top and it can all begin to get a bit confusing and complicated. ICON can write metadata that will bring your website to life and can track its performance to ensure its working as it should.


Website Content

Discover beautiful web content, impress your visitors and consequently earn their trust. Your website is your most important marketing tool. Whether you’re looking for static website pages such as your homepage, about us page or other similar pages, or you’re looking for a bespoke landing page ICON can assist. All website content offered by ICON includes keywords tailored for SEO while keeping the content natural and readable. Establish and maintain a unique voice online that will resonate with your users.



Our best writers can create well-structured eBooks that explore your topic and provide real value for your readers. Authoritative eBooks are a marketing asset than can draw high-quality traffic directly to your website. As a result, leads can be captured by requesting visitors to input their email addresses in exchange for a free download. If you are not trying to attract leads, make money directly by promoting our eBook on Amazon, Clickbank and other similar channels. ICON transfers all rights to you, so you’re free to use your eBook for any purpose you wish.


White Papers

Become an authority within your industry. Demonstrate your expertise by publishing white papers that highlight important topics in your sector. Earn credibility and trust, capture leads and generate sales. ICON believes in white papers so much, we create our own every year. Take a look for yourself.


Press Releases

A professional press release puts your company in the spotlight. Show the world why you are different by telling your story correctly. Customers care about companies that stand out. How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? Distribute information that makes you unique. Capture the public’s attention by appealing to their emotions. Create a story that really shows how you help people (or other businesses) overcome their problems.



If you want to send, or already have a daily, weekly, or monthly newsletter, we can help. Creating newsletters with high-quality content that readers will truly care about is not an easy task. ICON can create a steady flow of engaging content that can be measured against industry benchmarks. Email marketing remains one of the top customer acquisition methods in the digital world. Are you using it to its full potential?


SEO Content

An essential part of SEO is awesome content. ICON incorporates specific keywords while keeping all language natural and easy to read. SEO is more than just about talking to search engines, it’s about impressing humans too and engaging content can do just that. Link building is becoming increasingly difficult. Why not attract high-quality inbound links by producing incredible content that others can’t help but share. If you are providing value, other authors will be happy to link to you. Furthermore, great content affects social media too. Publishing amazing content can also cause a viral effect on social media as people like, share, tweet and retweet your content.


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