Digital Audits

Getting the best out of your digital channels requires a clear understanding of what works and most importantly, why it works. In a fast-changing environment, many companies have websites and digital channels that are rapidly becoming clunky and outdated. ICON’s digital audits provide the fast track to understanding how your digital investments are working and what’s needed to accelerate Return on Investment.

ICON delivers in-depth insights and key recommendations so you can prioritise critical issues. Experienced external eyes, independent of your company and your marketing team can identify how your budgets could work harder for you. Typically, this doesn’t mean spending more, just changing the balance of where budgets and attention are focused. ICON will advise you on how to improve the effectiveness of your company’s performance while reducing the time your team spends on digital channels.

Digital Audits

There are 3 levels of Digital Audits available:

Simple health-checks: Fast reviews of key communications to highlight improvements that will boost effectiveness, engagement and conversion.

Integrated communications audits: Deep reviews of the channel mix, marketing processes and marketing structures with detailed gap analysis to identify priorities, quick wins and strategic wins as well as cost savings and streamlined processes

Capability audits: Reviews of your digital marketing processes including team competencies, agency capabilities, briefing processes and the infrastructure to deliver digital marketing that works

ICON’s digital audits measure your brand’s presence and performance across 7 areas:

  • Reach
  • Footprint
  • Architecture
  • Content
  • Conversion
  • Effectiveness
  • Goal Alignment

ICON benchmarks these 7 key performance indicators against your competitors so you can easily identify areas where there is an opportunity to improve.



Reach is the number of unique individuals who have visited your website. It is the exposure your company is receiving across its digital channels. Reach is extremely important if your company is to flourish in an online environment. ICON’s team uses various online tools to measure how well you’re ranking organically for specific keywords across multiple search engines. Your email marketing efforts are also analysed on a number of KPIs such as the open rates and click through rates. Your company’s social media channels will also be analysed. This analysis is based on user engagement, followers, likes and a plethora of other KPIs.



A digital footprint is all the information about your company that is openly available on the internet as a result of online activities. Your digital footprint is very important as potential customers or employees can base their opinion of your company on what they can find online. ICON uses various social listening tools to analyse the reputation your company has earned in the eyes of the public. ICON will then carry out an unbiased sentiment analysis based on your company’s online reputation. This will give you tangible examples of how you can improve your digital footprint and, ultimately, improve peoples’ perceptions of your company.



A high-quality website is fast, easy to navigate and user-friendly. It must also present information in an effective and easily consumed manner. ICON analyses the architecture of your website to test load times, link integrity, navigation and much more. ICON also applies similar metrics to your social channels too to analyse the level of optimisation. For example, ICON will analyse the information available on your profile, the descriptions used, tags and hashtags and more. ICON will benchmark these on your competitors as well as industry best practices. From this, you will gain invaluable insights into how you can improve the architecture of all your digital channels.



The content you choose, the tone used and the way you disseminate it all is extremely important. Creating quality content is key, but is it enough? Your content will be analysed to determine if it’s reaching the people it’s intended for. It will also be thoroughly examined to determine whether you’re providing the right content to the right audience. Every market is different and your content needs to reflect this. ICON also carries out research on your target audience, advises you on content strategies you should implement and offers suggestions on how you can optimise your content for SEO purposes. You can apply this to this to your social channels as well as your website. ICON analyses the content you use on social media and, in addition, will offer insights into what type of content best works on which social channel.



Conversions are ultimately the most significant indicator of how successful your digital efforts are. ICON will first examine your current conversion funnel to see if this is in line with your company’s objectives. Following this, you will have a better understanding of how to optimise the number of conversions you gain. ICON will perform an in-depth analysis of your efforts to encourage engagement. This includes forms on your website and engaging calls to action, in addition to many others. ICON examines the customer journey to find areas where potential customers abandon the conversion funnel. As a result, you can then optimise these areas to increase the conversion rate on your website.



This measures the effectiveness of your digital strategy. The digital objectives you have in place to increase awareness, engagement and influence will all impact the effectiveness of your digital strategy. ICON will compare your objectives to the effectiveness they have achieved in the past and offer advice on changes you can implement to optimise them. ICON will also examine the KPIs you use to measure performance. Sometimes, it can be difficult to properly define what KPIs and objectives will optimise your company’s digital performance. You will receive invaluable insights and concrete examples to aid you in adjusting your perception of performance to achieve the desired outcome.


Goal Alignment

In order to enable your company to flourish, you need to align your online and offline goals. Therefore, the former should be an extension to strengthen the latter and vice versa. ICON will study the existing goals within your organisation and compare these to other companies within your industry. You will receive a complete analysis of your online goals and how well they align with your company’s vision. Based on this, you will be able to more effectively align your company’s goals online.


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