Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a productive way of creating relationships and emotional connections with potential customers and clients. Traditional email marketing works very well when executed as part of an integrated strategy that builds a holistic customer experience. A well thought out, personalised, segmented and targeted email campaign can achieve a significant uplift in brand awareness, expand reach, develop trust and create conversions. ICON can manage your complete email marketing strategy, or assist you with any aspect of it, dependent on your requirements.


Performing research on your target audience and collecting data from your email recipients is essential to cater towards their personalities, culture and expectations. ICON can assist you in gathering that correct type of information that will assist with segmentation without frustrating users or decreasing the rate of email sign-up.


Goals & Objectives

A majority of email recipients spend no more than a few seconds reading an average newsletter. Whether you are trying to market a service or product or communicate an informational resource a single point of focus must be placed in order to attract the customer’s attention and guide them towards your desired action. ICON can help you identify and place a focal point on your primary objectives.


Data Validation

Discover the percentage of deliverable, engaged, and undeliverable email addresses on your list prior to sending out your first campaign. All email lists imported to ICON’s service are checked for deliverability and given a List Quality Score (LQS). The data is then reviewed, cleaned and optimised ready for use. Don’t take the risk of having your subscriber list blacklisted.



ICON’s solutions always meet deliverability and compliance guidelines, without compromising creativity or functionality. Bring your message to life and engage your audience with your brand while ensuring that all goal conversions are met. ICON can design a range of responsive templates that work across multiple devices, for various email marketing platforms, allowing you to focus on the message itself.



The most successful campaigns are targeted. While creating your campaign strategy, ICON can segment your audience to ensure that a relevant, personalised message can be sent to each user. ICON offers further optimising through A/B/n split testing, in order to discover which message engages with the audience the most. With this information at hand, you can send the most engaging solution to the right audience to increase open rates and maximise results.



ICON can offer you enterprise-level automation that allows you to automatically follow up with your customers after they purchase a product or service.  Make a recommendation that is personalised or delights your customers with a coupon triggered by their shopping behaviour. Remind customers of the products they’ve left in their cart and re-engage inactive subscribers.


Tracking & Reporting

As ICON has a strategic partnership with Mailchimp it can provide detailed reporting on all key aspects of your campaign. This information can be as granular as who opened your email and what they did next, where they clicked and who converted, as well as comparing results to real-time industry benchmarks across all verticals. As this report drills down to an individual level, it can become a powerful tool when shared directly with your sales team and CRM system.


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