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We aim to support your business projects in any way possible. This involves sharing our wealth of knowledge, expertise and skills. Take advantage of a variety of services that ensure your IT and development projects become a complete success and are finalised within your time and budget restrictions. Take advantage of ICON’s experience in building, hosting and supporting software projects by having one of our executives lead your in-house or outsourced software projects.

Tailored Custom Software Development

Combining the ubiquity of the web with the power of custom software development, ICON brings business value to customers seeking ground-up, customised solutions and complex, multi-system integrations alike. Our offering spans from platform advice through to delivery and support & maintenance.

Web Application Development

Website development is core to ICON’s service offering. With over 17 years of excellent work under its belt, ICON’s multidisciplinary team is trusted over and over by leading companies to realise their online business objectives. Our know-how spans multiple CMS technologies including open-source and proprietary platforms.

System Integration

Bringing together various component sub-systems into one complete integrated system can have numerous benefits, across multiple departments, for your business. ICON has extensive experience integrating with systems such as SalesForce, ERP and Enterprise Applications to name a few. Whether you’re looking for data digitisation, conversion, sanitisation, migration and online or offline data synchronisation ICON can assist.

Legacy System Modernisation

Numerous businesses confront a widening divergence between the IT infrastructure required for emerging business needs and the existing framework built up over time. ICON empowers any business to quickly connect legacy assets to SaaS technologies without disrupting existing business processes.

App Development

We know what it takes to successfully build and launch an app. Our cross-platform expertise covers iOS, Android and Windows. We hand-hold our clients from ideation to post-delivery marketing. ICON’s app architects focus on mobile and we consistently ship on time and on a budget.

Support & Maintenance

Running your business is stressful enough without having to worry about your system functioning as it should. We provide a range of tailored support services from performance monitoring to 24/7 rapid-response for mission critical applications. Our support team has you covered. Our extensive experience in software has allowed us to develop a unique approach to maintenance, which is managed by our qualified engineers. In this regard, ICON offers adaptive, perfective, corrective and preventive maintenance to meet specific SLA requirements.

Our approach

Thanks to our experience and a talented, multidisciplinary team, ICON’s process ensures timely delivery, high quality, and low cost. The following is a typical Agile process for custom software development.Software Services Malta

Software Projects

Air Malta | ICON

Air Malta – An integrated marketing solution

With over 5 million site visits per year and target key markets in UK, Italy, France, Germany, Russia and ...

BlockMonster | Award winning cloud SAAS solution

Blockmonster is an award-winning SaaS product developed by ICON and available via Microsoft Azure. It assists condominium administrators ...

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