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Connect your brand with your passengers. Engage with customers about things they care about with a digital provider who is experienced, trusted and active within the industry. ICON offers you a dedicated team of creatives, strategists and technologists with a passion for creating only the best digital experiences.

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Software Development

ICON brings business value to customers seeking ground-up, customised solutions and complex, multi-system integrations. Our offering spans from platform advice through to delivery, support and maintenance. The principle programming languages covered include, but are not limited to, Microsoft.NET and PHP.

Website Development

ICON’s solutions are designed to meet specific airport requirements and are supported by a multidisciplinary team who offer a complete end-to-end service, including the initial research & analysis, to the design, development, support and marketing of the entire system ensuring the website covers every touch point within the customer’s journey both physically and digitally.

Apps & Wearables

Passengers require a method to access accurate information on-the-go, without the need to visit traditional channels. Visitors can receive flight status information via the app, access airport maps offline, and receive real-time information on security lines, offers and much more.

Flight Updates

Flight status alerts keep passengers, travel agents and travel companies proactively informed about critical changes to travel plans. Users can subscribe to receive alerts by email, SMS or mobile push notifications and are typically available on any device the visitor chooses to use.

Live Flight Tracking

Offer your passengers live air traffic from around the world and provide a unique, engaging experience for your passengers. A unique flight tracking experience can be offered to all users by gathering data from reliable sources and aggregating this information with schedule and flight status data.

Flight Finder

Allow prospective travellers and travel agents to quickly locate all the different flights and destinations offered by the airport. This functionality can be further extended through the integration of an interactive map, displaying the flight routes and linking directly to the airline’s website for further information and booking opportunities.

Indoor Maps & Way Finding

Help passengers navigate through the airport seamlessly, reduce frustration and allow more time for shopping and locating various points of interest. Get directions from any point outside the airport, all the way to a specific point of interest inside the terminal. Manage the map with ease, adding points of interest and routes with a tailored Content Management System.

Crisis Management

Having a well-planned crisis management process is critical to an airport’s daily operations. ICON’s solution covers the setup and management process relating to the dark site, infrastructure scale-up, disaster recovery and performance monitoring. This is governed by a Service Level Agreement with set response times and a Standard Operating Procedures outlining the communication protocol and escalation process.

Buy Before You Fly

Offer passengers the ability to browse and reserve products directly from the comfort of their home, through the development of a multi-vendor e-commerce store. Integration to the vendor’s point of sale and the airport’s loyalty programme can be considered to drive further engagement levels for all involved.

Gesture Controlled Kiosks & Screens

Transform airport furniture into an interactive, gesture-controlled space that can assist with linking traditionally offline products and services online. Surprise and attract your passengers with interactive offers and games, present your guests with a welcome message, an opportunity to view a product catalogue, obtain customer feedback and much more.

Chat Bots

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to drive high-quality customer service levels, increase revenue generation opportunities and automate internal processes. Passengers may interact with a personal virtual assistant for flight, shopping and general airport advice on a channel they are familiar with. Discover more about ebo.


Smart Parking

Help passengers plan their journey effortlessly by offering an end-to-end solution for their parking requirements. Combine this with real-time traffic updates and personalised recommendations to increase engagement levels and improve the overall experience for all visitors.

Business Intelligence

Aggregate data from multiple sources to create meaningful insights which can help the airport better serve its customers, increase non-aeronautical revenues and improve decision making. With the support of automated workflows, the airport can offer personalised content, based on the user’s browsing patterns, shopping history, content preferences, subscriptions, location and much more.

Banner Advertising

Drive incremental revenue by selling banner advertising on the website or mobile application. Easily create geo-targeted ads, differentiate mobile ads and accept payments online when selling adverts. Advanced time schedules allow you to pre-schedule and plan the expiration of adverts with ease, while the reporting dashboard offers real-time stats which can be shared with users on a daily, monthly or yearly basis.

Airport & Aviation