ebo | Human Conversations, Automated.

A conversational service powered by Artificial Intelligence available across popular chat interfaces.

Traditionally, delivering great customer service across multiple channels has been expensive and tedious. With ebo, you can focus on what matters. Available 24/7 across multiple platforms all driven by AI with the power of machine learning.

Gain real-time access to your data with in-built workflows designed to help you upsell and engage while retaining full scalability and inbuilt security and spam detection.

What can ebo do for you?

  • Improve Customer Service
  • Automate Tasks
  • Speak Multiple Languages
  • Increase Retention & Loyalty
  • Seamlessly Interact Across Multiple Channels
  • Optimise Staffing Levels
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Personalise Loyalty Programs
  • Speed-up Service Cycles
  • Maximise Productivity
  • Personalise Product Recommendations
  • Access the Customer’s Most Used Platform: Messaging

ebo focuses on delivering rich conversations that are timely and relevant. This enables you to focus on your core business while our chatbot answers questions, markets your products, and converts conversations into sales.

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Cross Platform

Move to where your customer is. ebo supports the most common messaging platforms available today including Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack and SMS as well as through your website, mobile application or email. Converse with your customers – anytime, anywhere.

Multi Device

Talk to your customers on devices they feel most comfortable interacting on. Whether using a desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet or any other connected device, your customers can start, or continue a conversation with ebo at any time.

Customer Satisfaction

ebo will provide you with feedback on user activity and its own performance. Insights are based on custom goals that can be completely configured to suit your needs as well as all conversations completed.


Instant Customer Service

Many of your customers would rather get support via chat than a phone call. Offer instant customer service that is contextually and semantically aware. ebo remembers everything it is told, registers insights on customers and can retrieve data on users.

Execute Actions

Drive revenue through actions. ebo is much more than a chatbot. We integrate our platform with your internal IT systems supporting various business or customer-facing processes including scheduling, booking, shopping, payment and much more.

In-Built Services

Increase revenue with inbuilt services. ebo comes prepackaged with a number of standard services including date, time, weather forecasts, Google location and maps, Google directions, traffic conditions, click-to-call, click-to-email and music services.



ebo is compatible with a lot of processes and technology already in place at your business. Connect ebo to your CRM system or existing HR services. Use ebo to retrieve stock details and manage online orders including payments. Integrate your support software to ebo, combine it with your loyalty applications and use it to check for services, appointments and to book your client meetings.

Push Notifications

Based on previous chat activity, ebo can send push notifications to the user. Once a conversation with the chatbot has occurred, you can easily send out automated announcements or marketing messages on the fly – these may include status updates, personalised offers, recommendations or advice.

Manage the Conversation

ebo comes with a user-friendly conversation management system to give you full flexibility to manage and build rich conversations – without the need for technical expertise. This powerful tool supports simple Q&A as well as full conversations.

Chat Log

Each conversation is recorded securely for auditing purposes. Because it is impossible to go through -potentially- thousands of conversations each day, ebo can be easily plugged into our business intelligence tool to extract key insights and trends which you can act on.

Chat Takeover

You want the peace of mind that their customers are being served to the level they expect. ebo automatically assesses the quality of the conversation and triggers a notification to an agent based on specific criteria determined by you – this may relate to the number of unanswered questions, the length of the conversation or specific trigger words.

Real-time Insights

Data is key for the continuous improvement of ebo and to understand the value and cost-savings it is bringing about for your business. ebo has in-built real-time insights relating to usage and quality.

Predictive Analysis

You will have the unique ability to blend the ebo’s data with multiple data sources – including live streaming data (e.g. social media), to forecast trends, predict risk and detect deviations. This will allow you to not only measure ebo’s success but also uncover the reason behind the conversations.

Privacy & Compliance

Privacy lies at the very heart of ebo with proactive mechanisms which ensure compliance to the GDPR. Offering end-to-end security and a full-life-cycle of processing protection ebo will always respect and facilitate all data subject rights as privacy is built in by design and default.

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