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Many systems in the public sector have become archaic, outdated and inefficient meaning there is much room for new opportunities. Entrust the future of your organisation in ICON, a company that has been providing digital solutions for almost 20 years to a plethora of different agencies for the EU and Maltese government & NGOs.

These entities require complex solutions. Based on multiple e-modules, with integration required across multiple platforms and devices. This typically requires a bespoke, ground-up solution created by an experienced software development team. ICON has been awarded the Cyber Essentials Certification, a scheme developed by the UK Government. This certificate ensures that ICON has all the necessary controls in place to protect against cybersecurity threats. This means your data is in good hands.

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Citizen Experience

Citizens expect to receive the same online experience from their governments as they do from private businesses. ICON provides citizens with access to important resources allowing them to complete tasks and meet objectives. ICON A/B tests variants of your web pages to discover the most engaging experience for everyone. Offer 24-hour online access to your services and improve relationships with citizens.

SLA & Support

ICON provides detailed SLAs that outline a commitment to availability and responsibilities as well as a guarantee of the high level of quality that will be provided. Following the completion and implementation of each product, ICON provides 24/7 support offering a full incident management workflow with a full end to end solution.

Privacy & Security

Keeping data secure and private is of utmost importance to every public organisation. ICON is extremely knowledgeable in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ensures that every government body and NGO is compliant with all EU regulations around data protection. It is essential that every organisation, regardless of sector, is in compliance with the strict guidelines set out by GDPR.

Licensing Enforcement

Continuous improvements are essential to ensure that all users, both internal and external, are having the best experience possible. ICON monitors and reviews all of the operations in compliance with the licensing agreement to make sure that all processes are being carried out at the optimal level of efficiency.

Hosting & Infrastructure

ICON’s hosting and infrastructure solutions are completely scalable. As your website experiences new levels of growth, it can easily be enlarged to accommodate the extra tasks to be performed. ICON uses a highly secure hosting service, Microsoft Azure, that experiences uptimes of up to 99.97%, meaning your website is always working and available.

Digital Transformation

Empower citizens by converting archaic, dated, or time-consuming processes that exist in a physical environment into seamless digital processes. Through the use of innovative digital solutions, ICON will reinvent your organisation’s processes by improving the way it performs and how it offers its services to citizens.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the future for governments and NGOs. AI, combined with big data, will allow these organisations to provide insights into areas that currently lack any form of research. Whether these are areas that would be far too time-consuming to research or would yield potentially inaccurate data, AI and big data can overcome these challenges. Discover more about ebo.

Bespoke Integrated Solutions

ICON offers integrated solutions that bring together various standalone sub-systems and allows them to work together seamlessly as one complete system. This fully bespoke integration can be tailored to meet the requirements of every unique organisation. Whether your data needs to be digitised, sanitised, converted or migrated, ICON can help.

Membership Management

ICON will develop a seamless membership management system through the use of advanced membership software. Governmental membership databases can be complex and difficult to navigate. ICON will allow you to easily store and edit member information in your database, create memberships, assign a hierarchy, and communicate with members through various digital touch points

Health Application

Storing medical records is absolutely essential to organisations working in the health sector. Health applications allow for the secure and confidential storing of medical records. If an individual has a medical related incident, all their information will be available at the touch of a button, meaning your organisation can focus more on solving the problem at hand.

EU, Government & NGO