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There are an ever-expanding amount of technological changes within the financial services industry.  These have a direct effect on what’s happening offline within your business. ICON can provide the latest technologies as well as training and consultation services to complement these so your business can gain a competitive advantage within the industry. All of ICON’s services are completely secure and are GDPR compliant, hence your data is completely secure. Take advantage of a company with almost 20 years experience and an equally experienced and highly innovative team of experts.

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Business Process Optimisation

Increase efficiencies within your business while reducing operational costs. ICON provides a structured approach to optimising your business processes that are completely bespoke for each client. Once the current processes have been analysed, ICON will provide you with a roadmap and implementation plan for technological improvements that will optimise your digital touchpoints and procedures.

Business Intelligence & Risk Management

Create meaningful and actionable insights to improve the services you provide to your clients, increase your revenue and enhance the decision-making process. This is done by combining data from a multitude of different sources. Automated workflows allow you to provide personalised content based on a number of user actions on your site. Predictive risk management will also allow you to identify and reduce potential risks for your business in areas such as claim prediction and fraud detection.

Automated AI Chatbots

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to drive high-quality customer service levels, increase revenue generation opportunities and automate internal processes. Your clients will interact with a personal virtual assistant for everything from personalised inquiries about their account to general financial service advice. All of this is done on a messaging channel they feel comfortable using.

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Apps and Wearables

Provide your clients with a method to access accurate information on-the-go, without the need to visit traditional channels. Your clients can receive financial information via an app, visit maps while offline and receive real-time information regarding the latest news, stock exchanges rates, mortgage calculators and much more. ICON offers cross-platform development, Internet of Things (IoT) services, augmented reality and integration with wearables.

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Security & Compliance

With a surge of endpoints accessing your business’s network comes the risk of unsecured devices increasing the likelihood of attacks on your IT infrastructure. ICON’s team will carry out penetration testing to evaluate the current level of security on your networks. Following this, vulnerability screening will be carried out to address any areas that are susceptible to attack. ICON can also implement crisis management processes to manage infrastructure scale-up, disaster recovery and performance monitoring.

Digital Kiosks

Provide your clients with self-service kiosks on your premises to help build a bridge between traditionally offline services and those that are online. Engage your clients with important information and services that will add a lot of value to your business. Your clients can access account information, pay off and request loans, read detailed information on your services offerings, get answers to their questions and much more.

Consultancy & Training

ICON’s team of experts provide consultation and guidance in areas such as your digital strategy, the legal aspects of information technology and cybersecurity. This includes guidance in becoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant. ICON’s team also provides bespoke training services in any area you feel your team would benefit from. Anything from social media optimisation to training in various digital tools that are essential in the financial services industry.

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Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrate your existing marketing efforts into the digital world. ICON’s digital marketing team has a deep pool of knowledge and experience in a variety of services. Increase your website’s visibility and rankings on search engines with bespoke Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Convert more users visiting your website and your social media channels into potential customers with CRO, email marketing, PPC campaigns and lead generation. ICON also provides content writing services where all content is written with SEO best practices in mind.

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Website Design & Development

ICON’s multidisciplinary web team offers a range of web related services, from creating responsive, mobile-friendly website designs to intranet experiences. ICON’s website design and development services are fully bespoke and provide an end-to-end solution covering research & analysis to support and marketing and every step in between. Your website will reach every touch point along the user’s journey as well as offering an attractive experience for everyone.

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Systems Integration

Bringing together various sub-systems to make one fully integrated, fully functional system can have a plethora of benefits for your business. ICON has years of experience integrating major systems such as SalesForce, ERP and Enterprise Applications. Whether you’re looking for data digitisation, data conversion, data sanitisation, data migration or synchronising offline and online data, ICON can assist you.

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Financial Services