Your customer’s expectations of the ideal shopping experience are becoming increasingly demanding. ICON can streamline your operations and connect all customer touchpoints ensuring you offer shoppers a personalised experience while providing your business with a holistic view of your retail chain. Take advantage of international and cloud-based solutions that align your organisation across all sectors of your business including merchandising, in-store, digital channels, customer relationship management and in-depth analytics.

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Allow your customers to shop anywhere, anytime. Shoppers accept nothing less than a consistent and integrated shopping experience across all channels. Centrally manage all your sales channels to empower your customers with the choice to shop in any way they desire. With facilities such as click & collect and store to home delivery becoming the norm ensure you have the technology at your fingertips to fulfill your customer’s expectations.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Implement cross-channel and integrated loyalty schemes. Capture data and reward customers wherever and whenever they shop. Engage your customers and make them feel recognised and appreciated across all channels. With the power to tailor interactions according to the customer’s needs in real-time, you can cross-sell and up-sell while increasing customer value.

Inventory Management

Managing of inventory is one of omnichannel retail’s greatest challenges. To ensure your customers are satisfied your stock must be accurately allocated and replenished in a timely fashion. Regardless of how or where customers choose to purchase your products online ensure your personell can keep your customers delighted by analysing and responding to orders and stock levels in real time.

Indoor Maps & Way Finding

Help shoppers navigate through your store seamlessly, reduce frustration and allow more time for shopping and locating various points of interest. Get directions from any point outside your location, all the way to a specific point of interest inside a specific department of your shop. Manage the map with ease, adding points of interest and routes with a tailored content management system.

Chatbots & Intelligent Conversation Management

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to drive high-quality customer service levels, increase revenue generation opportunities and automate internal processes. Customers may interact with a personal virtual assistant for assistance, purchasing products, promotional offers and general advice on a channel they are familiar with. Discover more about ebo.

Clienteling & CRM

Get to know your customers in a completely different way. To compete in today’s retail environment, you need to captivate your customers by delivering a personalised and connected experience across your brand’s multiple touchpoints. Empower your staff with advanced customer insight so they can entice your customers, increase loyalty, and deliver a brand experience your customers won’t forget.

Integrated Marketing

Take advantage of an agency with nearly two decades of experience in integrated marketing solutions. ICON can audit and strategise all your online touch points across the customer’s journey. AdWord certified experts can run complex PPC campaigns across multiple distribution networks with a significant focus on ROI and our SEO specialists can ensure your site is optimised technically both on-site and off-site considering both UX and CRO. ICON’s email marketing department can ensure a personalised experience that drives results. Our social and content writing team can also assist with engagement, followership, and dissemination of information.

Analytics & Data Intelligence

Turn data into decisions. Your retail strategy and performance can be purely driven by data. In an online world, you must appease your constantly connected customers, measure the sentiment towards your business while predicting future trends. It can be a challenge. Capture and consolidate your key retail data and presents it in a visual way so you can make sense of it all. Make smarter decisions in real-time to improve performance and boost your bottom line.

Cloud, Hosting & Infrastructure

Technology that scales and innovates with your business. The speed of change within the retail industry is constant, and many retailers fear investing into a solution that meets its current challenges, but ultimately cannot scale and develop as their business does. Reduce the need for large upfront investment. As Microsoft Partners, ICON can take advantage of cloud-hosted solutions such as Microsoft Azure which guarantees uptimes of 99.97% and is completely scalable accommodating a rapid influx of traffic when required.